Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 5 - Getting Trunky in the CCM (Peru MTC)


This week has been fantastic! Spanish is starting to come a lot more. I am beginning to understand a lot of what is being spoken to me. This week, it’s been pretty tough though. It’s gotten a whole lot more rigorous due to the fact that we are leaving to the field in a few short days. Let me tell you a little bit about some experiences this week. This week, we have gotten to eat some new food!!! :) All sorts of new kinds of chicken and they have even started putting beets in the rice! But seriously though, it’s been great! I am loving all the food and enjoying it very much. This week we had the opportunity to teach the MTC Presidents wife.  She played the role of the investigator and I think it went pretty well because we only had to teach for 20 minutes and we ended up teaching for 35 minutes! Hahaha! But I cannot WAIT to get in to field and begin the work!

Some interesting things from this week:
  • The other night, it was the middle of the night and one of the Elders in my room started sleep talking. Everyone woke up and was laughing so hard listening to this Elder say things in his sleep!  
  • I wanna share a quick story about what one of my MTC language teachers. He is a convert to the church and has been home from his mission for only a few years. Before his mission, he was a VERY GOOD soccer player. In fact, he was so good that he had the chance to go professional. But... He made the decision to serve a mission and he says that it has blessed his life beyond measure even though he isn’t a Pro soccer player!
  • We have trying to speak Spanish at all times during the day except for meals and physical activity. For every word you speak of English is one push up. So... When I get out of here I am either going to be really good at Spanish or be buff.  Sooo I see it is a win win either way! Hahaha
Finally I just wanna share one quick spiritual message with you all. Throughout my time in the MTC I have learned about the principal of Faith more than anything. It’s the VERY FIRST Principal of the Gospel and is so frequently overlooked. The MTC has not by any means been easy. I have worked harder than I ever have in my life, but it’s been incredible to see the results of my labors. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is what gets me through every single day. With Faith ALL things are possible! Faith means more than just believing, it means eliminating all doubts and pressing forward at ALL times. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be in this BEAUTIFUL country and teach the MOST incredible people. Even though each day is the same, I am beginning to become a better person and man through our Savior. I know this is His Church and that He is at the Head of it. I LOVE YOU ALL! I cannot wait for Cusco. FYI: I fly to Cusco Tuesday (23 Aug 2016) probably early in the morning but I don’t know for absolute sure. I don’t know when I can email next but I look forward to sharing my experiences as soon as I can!


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