Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 14 - 2 Baptisms


Well this week was pretty dang great! My companion and I had 2 Baptisms on Saturday for 2 really awesome people!

Kevin (12 years old) was our first baptism this Saturday and he was baptized by my companion Elder Iza. Kevin has had a really tough life. He grew up without a Dad because his Dad left right after he was born. So, he has been raised by his mom and 2 older brothers who want NOTHING to do with the church. Kevin’s Mom is a member but she is very less active and has been for a while. Through many visits, and many conversations with Kevin, we were able to commit him to baptism and in the process, rescue his Mom and bring her back to activity. His baptism went very well, and was absolutely incredible to see him after he was baptized. On Sunday, I had the opportunity and Privilege to Confirm him a Member of the Church. As I confirmed him, even though my Spanish is getting pretty good, the spirit took over the blessing and I have NO IDEA how but I said things that I cannot normally say! It’s truly incredible!

Bryan (age 24) was our second baptism. His whole family was baptized several years ago, but he didn’t have any interest at the time. When my companion and I contacted him, he was a little hesitant and through many more visits, we were able to commit him to baptism as well. On Saturday, his whole family came to the baptism, and it was truly incredible to see as his family welcomed him into the Church. They have waited for it for so long. He was baptized by his older brother and it was incredible to see as they walked out of the font, and the Spirit that was felt! He says that he is thinking about going on a mission now, since the cutoff for the age is 25! It’s truly incredible to see the change in his heart!

This week, I actually had to go to the doctors for the first time since being here. I have had stomach issue for over 2 weeks now so it was time to go.  As it turns out, I have some kind of stomach infection or something and so I am on some sort of antibiotic.  Everyone says its normal and just part of the mission experience here in Peru so I am good and it really doesn’t affect my abilities to serve as a missionary. 

I am still losing weight but I am getting really fit as my sector is pretty hilly and I get lots of exercise.  Also Dad, I have finally passed you up!!!   I am continuing to grow into my size 15 shoes.  When I first got here, I was able to walk through the door at my Penchanista’s Apartment without any problem but now I have to duck when I go in so I know I have grown a few inches taller so that is pretty cool!!!

As for food, right when I think that I have eaten everything, I find out that I haven’t because there are weirder things and they just seem to be getting weirder and weirder.  I have eaten a lot of internal organ stuff, but this week I had something new and I ate it but honestly, I didn’t ask and don’t want to know what it was, at least yet!

My companion and I are continuing to work SUPER HARD every day and are continuing to search and teach as many people that will listen to us! I love my mission and all of the opportunities I am being blessed with each and every single day to share the Gospel! I see miracles every day, but the true miracle is the change that is happening in Me. My testimony is being strengthen each day as I work to bring souls to our Savior and Redeemer!

Love Elder Fawcett


Elder Taylor R. Fawcett
Peru Cusco Mission

Elder Fawcett and Elder Iza
Tracting in the Rain!

Rainbow over Lake Titicaca

Kevin and his Mom and Ward Member
with Elder Fawcett and Elder Iza

Elder Fawcett and Kevin
at his Baptism!

Bryan and His Family
with Elder Fawcett and Elder Iza

Bryan with His Brother
and Elder Fawcett and Elder Iza

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