Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 24 - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hola mi Familia y Amigos:

So, when all the world was celebrating Christmas and all, Elder Barrios and I have been working hard to find more people to teach!  Contacting is actually something that I’ve come to like a Whole lot in the mission.  Talking to random people who think you’re a salesman, thinking you wanna rob them or people who know exactly who you are but don’t want any part of it!  Contacting is ALWAYS the best, hahaha!  But with all the contacting we did this week, we also got contacted!  On Wednesday morning, Elder Barrios and I were doing our morning studies when we heard someone knocking at out gate below!  We opened the window and there stood 3 Jehovah witness missionaries.  Without knowing who we were, they asked us if they could give us a pamphlet.  We agreed and left the house to grab the pamphlet from them.  On the way out, I grabbed three Restoration pamphlets and went below. They shared their interesting message about the family and then… well we shared ours! It was actually very spiritual and we accepted their pamphlet but only agreed to accept it if they accepted ours.  Who knows what will happen, but you never know how a simple pamphlet could get someone interested in learning the truth!

As well as contacting, we had an awesome Christmas activity in which we shared gifts, food and activities with small VERY POOR village children outside of Puno.  This village barely had anything… let alone food to eat, clothes to wear or toys for the kids to play with.  In this activity, we had the chance to share all of those things with the kids. The activities were at the Elementary School and literally the entire village turn out as we played games with the kids and other activities while eating a huge meal.  One of the coolest aspects of the activities is that we had the chance to give the toys to the all of the kids individually!  It was one of the most incredible experiences I have had as I watched the kids eyes light up with excitement as they saw us with the toy in our hands. One of the boys (6 years old) that I gave a toy action figure to asked me what my name was, I told him “Elder Fawcett”, he then took his little toy action figure and started playing with his friends, referring to the action figure as “Elder Fawcett”.  I got tears in my eyes as I realized how much I’ve been given in my life!  The Lord has blessed me beyond measure!  With an immense amount of blessings that others don’t have!  The see the happiness of others is something that has always make me happy in life!  Especially on my mission!

Sunday (Christmas), I spent time talking to those who mean the world to me!  As I shared this time, it made me realize more and more why I am here and why I had to be the one to say goodbye to everything!  I have been given much, so I too must give!  2 years is a small price to pay to help others be happy for all eternity!  No matter how hard this gets, I will press onward knowing that the small price of sacrifice that I am paying is going to bless the lives of those I meet here in Peru!  For I truly know that the happiness these people feel through the service of a 19 year old guy from Kaysville Utah, will have a great effect on the happiness I feel throughout the Eternities!


Elder Fawcett

P.S. As I confessed to my family yesterday… one of the things I broke the ice on is the fact that I’ve eaten a CAT!  Just thought I should come clean on that!  Love You all haha!  Hasta Luego!

           Finding the True Meaning of Christmas!

          Early Christmas Morning in Puno Peru

Village Elementary School Buildings

Front of the Village Elementary School

Inside the Classrooms

White Board in Classroom

Playing Musical Chairs with the Kids

Last 3 Standing!

Elder Fawcett with Some of the Kids

School Kids and Zone Missionaries