Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 33 - Landlord Cut Off Our Water!!!


One more week and another month practically done! Time sure does fly! This week was super busy for us down here in Juliaca. First off, let me start with the big news! So as you may have seen last week, the house I was living in wasn’t exactly the best. Well to top that off, we didn’t have ANY water for about two weeks inside the house. We thought that our pump had gone out and were using rain water to flush the toilet and shower but, it turns out that the lady who owed the building was cutting our water because she wanted us to pay more money for the house each month, but we told her no because in the house contract we have, she legally couldn’t ask for more money. So, we decided that we really couldn’t do anything about it. We then commenced looking for a new house and found one. We got permission from the president’s wife to move and she was more than happy to let us move because she knew what a disaster it was. On Saturday, we moved to our new house. The new house is ten million times better and there is just such a greater spirit in the house because the old one was so nasty! Other than that, let me tell you about the rest of my week.

The one thing I learned from our previous house here in Juliaca is the importance of cleanliness.  In that dirty environment, it was harder to feel the Spirit.  The Spirit is easier to feel in a clean environment so thanks a lot Mom for always teaching me the importance of having a clean room back home even though there were times when I wasn’t so good at it.

This week I went and did some Zone Leader divisions and got the chance to go on divisions with my fellow Davis High School graduate, Elder Cook, in his sector of Allaviri. It was super fun because we never thought we would have the chance to be companions, but on divisions we were and it was an awesome time! We worked really hard and at the same time, had a lot of fun. He’s a great missionary and a great help to the Zone here in Juliaca.
Other than that we are getting ready to host a multi Zone Conference here in Juliaca with the Mission President, so being Zone Leaders here, we have to prep a lot for that. So we’ve been doing that as well.

A far as stories go, let me share a few of them with you. This week we found two new investigators named Nely and Melsy. They are a mother and daughter who are so incredibly receptive. We were teaching them the first lesson and they accepted everything. And at the end I just got a feeling to invite them to be baptized. They accepted and we are now working on getting them ready for that by trying to teach them all the lessons and help them with all of their doubts.

Most of you probably didn’t know, but here in Peru they have their own type of Chinese food. It is literally nothing at all like the stuff we have back in the states, but I am always super happy to try new foods. After eating it I can honestly say that Peruvian Chinese food is one of my favorite foods here. I thought it was super funny that even in Peru, I love the Chinese food more than anything even though it is not at all the same as what we have back home.
Being in the streets all day, every day, this week I had a really interesting experience. We were in the street and this man walked up to us randomly and asked us how the work was going. We’ve never seen him before and he isn’t a member here or anything. We asked his name, but he never responded to the question. My companion and I both thought it was very strange.

In closing, I just want to testify of the truthfulness of this work.  Each and every day I see miracles as a missionary. Seeing lives change has been one of the greatest blessings as a missionary. So many times throughout the day, I am blessed to see the Lord’s hand in each day. As one of his missionaries, I am so grateful for the way in which he helps me through each and every single day! Each of us can be his hands to bless others if we are just willing to become converted to him.


Elder Fawcett

Tried to send a video of our new apartment but it didn't go through so you will see it next week!

A Member Felt Bad How Awful our Apartment was So, 
They Gave us a Light Bulb to Make it Seem Better!

Sit Down in the Chair, Point at the Picture on the Wall You Like
and they Try to Cut it That Way!