Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 53 - Taking Care of Business in Abancay and Andahuaylas


This past week was literally the busiest week ever!!! I cannot believe it’s already another Monday. Anyway so to get started on what happened in my week, let me first start by telling you about last Monday. So my trainer, Elder Iza, came at the end of P-day to Cusco because his Companion had to be treated for a health problem here. So, my Companion went with his Companion to the doctor and I went with Elder Iza to visit the family I have been telling you about for the past few weeks or so. In the visit we decided to do an assessment of how they were progressing so we shared a message about the importance of the doctrine of Christ. We taught about the 5 principles (Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End) and as we testified of each of them, they had questions. As we got to the Baptism and the Holy Ghost, they asked why they needed to be baptized again (we had explained this several lessons ago but most people take a while to understand why) and so we explained to them why. As we did this, we felt the Spirit testify to them of the truthfulness of what we taught. At the end, they said they wanted time to ponder on whether it was something they wanted to do, so we invited them to pray and ask our Heavenly Father if they needed to be baptized again. I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite visits I have had while I have been here in Cusco, that and teaching with my trainer again was super cool!

Anyway, this week my Companion, Elder Ordoñez and I also had the opportunity to travel to Abancay and Andahuaylas to take care of some other direct payments that we are setting up in all with all of the doctors in the mission. Abancay is like 5 hours from Cusco and Andahuaylas another 2 hours from there. So as we got there (it was Wednesday, my Hump Day), I was able to burn my shirt. Now I know most of you will probably think I am crazy for burning a shirt since I am living in such a poor country where someone else could have used it but the shirt was absolutely destroyed because a while back one of my pens that was in the shirt pocket exploded and there is literally no possible way to get stains that bad out here so I just saved it to burn it. I was honestly surprised how fast and well the shirt burned… just made me realize that I don’t want my shirt to ever catch on fire while I am wearing it!

After several days in Abancay and taking advantage of the warm climate there, we came back here to Cusco. The road to Abancay is literally the worst bus ride I have ever been on (I thought Quillabamba was bad) so I spent the last hour of the ride in the Bus bathroom throwing up which wasn’t very fun…. Sorry probably a little more info than you wanted but hey it was a part of my week I guess. Hahaha. Once back here in Cusco we got right back to work taking care of several things here in office. I have been writing and working with several legal contracts lately for the renting of apartments in the mission and dealing with the legal aspects of that for all of the 160 missionaries here, which has been a lot of work but taught me a lot of things in the process.

One last story for the week. So, Saturday my Companion and I just went out and contacted tons of people. It is a lot harder to contact here in Cusco compared to other Zones that I have visited, so at times it is a lot harder to get good solid contacts. After like 15 failed attempts Elder Ordoñez and I were super frustrated. We were about to give up but, something super cool happened. As we decided to knock the very last door of the street a guy opened up. When he saw us he said no thanks and started to close the door but before that happened I just offered to help him with any service that he may need. It must have really caught him off guard because he stopped closing the door and asked what we wanted. We explained we were representatives of Jesus Christ and that we had a message to share with him. After talking it turns out he thought we were just trying to bother him so he decided that he wanted to hear more. So we set up another visit with him for this week.

I love the work I am doing here and the blessing I have to share the message of the Gospel with the wonderful people here in Perú. A year from now this will all just be a memory and I want it to be a memory without any regrets. So I will strive each day to do the very best I can. I love the Savior and his teachings that teach me how I can become more like him. I love you all and wish you all the best week!


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