Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Farewell

Next to leaving my family and friends, probably the most anticipated part of leaving on a mission was giving my farewell address.  Luckily, I was able to share the sacrament meeting with Elder Adam Barker (Taiwan,Taichung Mission) who interestingly enough was probably my first friend and was born in the same Oakridge 10th Ward.  He gave an outstanding talk and it was very fitting to have shared the day with him. 

Following Sacrament meeting, friends and family came over to the house and it was great to have a chance to say one final farewell to everyone that has been so very important to helping get to this point in my life.  Although I had intended on writing "Thank You notes" before leaving and sending them out to all of you, time just got away from me so Thank You all very much for all of the support, love and friendship you have given me through the years.  

Friends and Family Wrote Words of Wisdom on Ties
Some of Our Truly Talented Friends left me a Balloon Missionary

Special thanks to Mom who put hours of work into making my farewell such a great day!