Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Greetings from Peru!!!

Hola Everyone,
So my email time is super short today, they are only letting me send this single email so I have to make it pretty quick.  So after I said good bye to all of you yesterday, I passed through security and flew to Atlanta.  On the way to Atlanta, I sat next to a lady who is a member of the church and as we talked, she told me a little bit about her family’s history.  As it turns out, her Great Great Grandmother was born in the Cache Cave which is really interesting to me since we have visited the Cave many times as a family and with Grandpa when we have been up on the Ranch. 

When we got to Atlanta, we ate Chic Filet while listening to Obama give some sort or address that was blaring  all over the airport.  On the way to Peru, I sat by myself next to two local Peruvians.  They spoke Spanish the whole way there, it was amazing to hear what I will be learning.

I Love you all, but they are making me get off, I sincerely apologize for the short email, they are pretty strict today.  Sorry to you all for not responding to any emails.  Hasta luego, see you soon.

Love you all!

Elder Taylor R. Fawcett
Peru Cusco Mission