Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 8 - I Am a Really Good Eater!!!


Well this week was pretty loaded! My companion and I are doing a ton of work right now. The Ward I serve in is named the Inca Pachacutec Ward and has around a 1000 people baptized. But... sadly only around 100 to 150 are active. Most of the members are offended and believe the Church is true, but just don’t want to go to church. This week we visited a ton of families and bore testimony to them that the Church is perfect but the members are not. We successfully got a few people to come back and are working on others. One of these is a man named Victor who is in his 70s and hasn’t been to church in years nor let ANY missionaries in his house. For some reason he let us in and we taught him and we believe that him and his wife will be in church this week. We are also teaching a bunch of investigators and are planning to hopefully have 4 baptisms in the Ward by the beginning of October!! One of these is a boy who is 14 years old in a non-active family. We are talking to his family and believe that his father will be able to baptize him once he comes back to church! It’s truly amazing.

This week the food.... Well... That’s a story. The members enjoy giving me this nasty hot grain drink that I cannot stand and I honestly think I drink 5 cups or more a day. YUCK! My Penchan tells me I am a really good eater and that she’s never had a Gringo eat ALL her food so well! So... That means I have been eating indescribable nasty things. One of such was this weird shell fish thing that was in a soup. It was so fishy and I mustered it down with a smile. Saturday it hit me though. I woke up Saturday morning with the most indescribable pain have ever felt in my stomach. I threw up and spent the whole day inside studying. It was pretty miserable, but I managed through it.

Sunday... We were contacting and my stomach was still iffy and since my area is all a hill, I get tired really fast. But then my comp looked too me and told me that he felt we should go to the very top of the mountain and knock doors. I was pretty shocked at first because I was WAYYY tired and my stomach hurt but, I did it anyways. We reached the top and felt like we should knock on this one door. So... we did. We were answered by a man who truly was ready for us. He asked questions that were perfect for us to answer. Such as Why are there so many churches, etc. He is a father of 4 little girls and lives in utter poverty. Mud hut you name it. But he is so happy and wanted the truth and we were there to give it to him. We are going back this week to teach his family this week and begin answering all his questions.

Today at this moment there are lots of crazy political marches in the streets. Guys with guns are running around doing all sorts of weird things. I am not sure but people are protesting something so my comp and I are sneaking around to avoid the political protests. My stomach is still a little iffy but I know that as I work hard my Heavenly Father will take care of me! I love you all so very Much!
Elder Taylor R. Fawcett
Peru Cusco Mission

It is Still Winter Down Here!!
City of Puno at Night with Lake Titcaca in Background

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