Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 9 - Success at the Very Top


This week was pretty dang crazy so I’ll get started right away.

First off food. I swear every week the food gets wilder haha! This week I was eating this really weird stir fry with rice and stuff and I looked down and noticed the chopped up pieces of meat were really strange. So… I made the mistake of asking my Comp, Elder Iza, what it was. Turns out… Cow Intestines!!!! Here’s another one for you. So we were eating this really weird fish that was alright but after I finished eating all of the meat, my Penchanista and Elder Iza asked me if I was gonna finish it. Turns out here in Peru they eat the scales and all the fish skin and everything. So… I ate all of it and I have to say that I did it with a smile. Alright enough food hahaha! I have plenty worse stories but I will share those later!

Anyways we are working with a TON of people right now. The investigators are really tough now though because they will not keep commitments. We had all of them committed to sacrament on Sunday and all of them bailed. But with faith and much more work, Elder Iza and I will have success eventually! This week we were working with a less active who has problems with alcohol so… I had the impression to give him a Spanish CTR ring and told him that every time he has the urge to drink to remember the ring. I am pleased to say that he has been sober ever since!

Speaking of alcohol there are TONS of drunks here in Puno. It’s very common for Elder Iza and me to be walking around the streets and be stopped by a group of drunks. Most of the time they make fun of me and tell me I can’t understand them but in reality I understand hahaha! They usually ask us to share things about Jesus. So we usually share a short message and we get several contacts this way as well!

We are working with this really special investigator family who lives at the very top of Puno and the whole family accepted our invitation for baptism except for the father (Paul). Paul has been searching for the “True Church” his whole life and is progressing really slowly. Elder Iza and I think we can get him to commit with another few visits and a through faith and prayers.

Anyways I just want to close by sharing a quick message. Here in Puno, there are TONS of less actives. But every single DAY I see people have a change of heart and accept the gospel again into their lives. I have learned very quickly out here as I have spoken with people who haven’t been to church in YEARs reaccept the gospel into lives that EVERYONE gets another chance because of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. He will NEVER give up on us EVER! No matter where we are or what we have done! I have watched the poorest people accept the gospel into their lives and seen an immediate difference! I testify that Christ Lives and this is his Church! I see miracles every day because of it!

Elder Taylor R. Fawcett
Peru Cusco Mission

Top of Puno by Day

One of the Kids we
Helped Reactivate

"The View Point of the Condor"
Monument in Puno at 13,091 Feet

At the Foot of the Condor

Puno from the Monument

At the Monument

Elder Iza and I in a Moto Taxi

Our Moto Taxi Driver