Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 12 - Power of Prayer


This week was yet another busy week! Let me tell you some stories!

First off, let me tell you about a few of the fun experiences that I have been having.  There are so many crazy experiences that happen to me every day and I need to get better about writing them down. One of my favorites is that people like to ask me how old I am.  Before I tell them, I always ask them how old they think I am first.  So far, the average age has been about 30 something.  Also, this week, I was walking through the flea market where they sell a bunch of random stuff and a guy came up to me and tried to convince me that he had shoes for me even though I told him he didn’t!  He proceeded to take off my shoes and he then tried to shove various shoes on my feet but nothing would fit.  After trying for a while, I told him, I have a size 15 foot, there is no way you have shoes that would fit me. Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny.

On a more serious note, this week was General Conference and for all gringos we got to watch in ENGLISH! So that was pretty sweet! But we also had investigators come and I was really surprised at one particular person who showed. One of the very first people I contacted while here in Puno was a man who said he just wanted me to teach him English. So I did about 4 weeks ago and then at the end I asked him if I could teach him a quick message. So I taught him the Restoration in about 5 minutes and that was it. Following the lesson, my Companion complained to me and told me that we had wasted an hour of time teaching this man English. So, he refused to go back and teach him ever again! So this Saturday, I was really surprised as this man walked in and watched all of the Saturday sessions with us. We didn’t invite him. I have NO IDEA how he knew but he asked me if I would come back and teach him again. It just went to show me that no efforts are lost. My companion felt really bad, but I am happy to say we are going to visit him and teach him lesson 2 this week. Never GIVE UP on ANYONE!

Also, during Conference, a speaker named Juan A. Uceda spoke. He served in the Peru Cusco mission coincidentally. My first Conference of my mission and someone from my mission spoke on a topic that I needed to hear… Prayer. It wasn’t a coincidence because this week I had a crazy experience with prayer. My companion and I were riding in a moto taxi when I had the impression to pray for safety.  Now I have talked about moto taxis before but they are really just motor cycles pulling an attached cart behind them and so they really aren’t that safe if you were to get in an accident.  I didn’t know why I needed to pray, but I did it. As I said amen, a big old car came zipping by fast and NEARLY hit us and if he had, it would have been on my side and the moto taxi would have flipped and I would have been run over by the car.  In thinking back, I don’t know how the car could have missed hitting us!   Prayer has gotten me so far in my mission and I know that. I am here now because PRAYER Works!  Also, I know the Lord watches out for his Missionaries as this is not the first time I have felt like I have been protected from harm.

One more story… This week, we were in the home of a less active member when I was asked at the end of the lesson to bless and dedicate the home. I have given numerous blessings at this point in Spanish, but this was different from any other Priesthood blessing I had ever given. So, I nervously got on my knees and miraculously as I began to pray, the words to dedicate the home came flowing out. I cannot tell you how it happens, but it seems that every time the Lord needs me to do something he provides a way, each time!

I testify that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. He is at the Head and through Missionaries, His Gospel is declared to each and every person here on the earth! I love teaching people and seeing the change in lives. It truly is incredible!



Elder Taylor R. Fawcett
Peru Cusco Mission

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