Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 17 - Lima, and Lots of Legit Experiences


This week was absolutely AWESOME!!! I spent about half of the week out of town and out of my sector traveling to Lima to get things finalized for my Visa. That was pretty fun and I really missed working but it was great to catch up with all of my MTC Buddies and hang out with all of them for a few days.  While traveling, I spent 8 hours on a bus to Cusco than a 1.5 hour airplane to Lima, spent a whole day in and around the airport taking care of my Visa. (Eating McDonalds which I was surprised wasn’t very different from the one in the States although it did have some unique things but overall, it was pretty incredibly weird to be somewhere so advanced compared to Puno). Then, I flew back to Cusco (1.5 hours) and took the 8 hour bus ride back to Puno!

This week is my final week of my training, which means next Monday we will have changes. My companion, Elder Iza, will leave but I will stay and either receive an older missionary or I also have the possibility of training…which isn’t very likely.

This week, we worked a whole ton with a less active member named Victor. He was once a member of the church and is and ordained High Priest. He has been through several sets of missionaries for the past several years. He is a returned missionary, was married in the temple, and has a little boy. But, he has become very bitter against the church due to the fact that his Wife cheated on him and his life completely fell apart. Like all the many missionaries before my companion and I, we have been working to reactivate him. We have worked with him the entire time I have been here and I am happy to say that he has finally decided to start coming back to Church.  It is really great to see the progress he has made and to see him start coming back.

Another cool story, this past week, we were asked by our Elder Quorum President to go over and give someone a blessing with him and of course we said yes.  The house we went to was of a family who were nonmembers but they have always felt something special about the missionaries and the church.  As we entered his house, I saw him lying in the bed and immediately realized that this man was VERY Sick. My companion then commenced to tell me that I would be doing the blessing. I was a little hesitant but Elder Iza insisted. SO, he did the anointing and I did the blessing. As I placed my hands on this very sick man, I had the most spiritual feeling come over me. I felt the Love our Heavenly Father has for him and had a thought pop in my head. As I was giving him the blessing, I wanted to say and bless him that he would be healed. But as I was giving the blessing, I knew that was not the blessing our Heavenly Father wanted me to give him.  I knew that he would be passing away the following morning. I obeyed the feelings I received and blessed him with a knowledge that our Father and Heaven loved him and that one day he would have the opportunity to receive the fullness of the gospel. The following morning, he did indeed pass.

One last experience, last night, I was probably the sickest I have been on my mission so far.  I was up in the bathroom at least 4 times throwing up and everything else and when the sun came up this morning, I really felt awful. Today was P-day and I had so much to do to get ready for the new week and being so sick there was no way to get everything done feeling the way I did, but then I had the thought that I needed a blessing.  So I had Elder Iza and give me a blessing and it was a really beautiful blessing and as he was concluding, as clear as day, I heard a voice say, “Elder Fawcett, I haven’t left you since day one, what makes you think I would leave you now?” Since then, I have felt great all day and all of the things I suffered from all night are completely gone. The Priesthood is real and our Savior is real.  He is my Best Friend and I Know He has walked by me every single day through my mission and at times when it is the hardest, he has carried me. 

I love you all so very much and thank EVERYONE for all the support that I receive. I testify that the church is true and the Priesthood is real. It truly is the power of god here on the earth.



Elder Taylor R. Fawcett
Peru Cusco Mission

Elders Fawcett / Iza with
Bishop Halmington and Wife and Daughter

These are Honestly the Ugliest
Dogs I Have Ever Seen!!!

"Richard" is an Inactive we are Working with!!
Honestly, Don't Know Why
Elder Fawcett Has a Bunny Head on,
He Neglected to Mention that Part!!!