Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 26 - Guinea Pigs


Another week in the books here in Puno!  This week was yet another week of VERY hard work for me!  We are finding and teaching so many new people, it is absolutely crazy right now.  We are finding a lot of amazing people who are so very ready to hear our message.  Here are a few cool stories from my week this week.

First off, we are teaching a really strong Catholic family. They’ve been Catholic their entire lives and interestingly enough, they are listening to us. One of the members of the family named Watson Is really interested in what we have to teach him. He knows so much about the Bible, its crazy. My Companion Elder Barrios being a convert of 6 years having been Catholic before also knows the bible well so it is really interesting to hear them talk back and forth about the Bible.  The one thing I’ve been trying to focus on is helping him gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  As we’ve been working on this he is gaining a strong testimony of it and the Truthfulness of the Gospel.  As I’ve learned, it is so important to set your sights on the Book of Mormon. Without it, you will not have any success as a missionary.  As well this week, I was teaching one of my recent converts, Bryan. It is crazy to see his progress from where he started to where he is now. He started with hardly any testimony and now, he is so strong that he is preparing to serve a mission for himself. While teaching, he opened up his scriptures and showed me a picture that he’d put under the front cover of them. It was a picture of Elder Iza and I standing with him on the day he was baptized. It is so crazy to think that a person who just became a member is going to go off and do the same thing I am doing now.

This week, I had the opportunity to eat a Guinea Pig again!!! My Penchanista cooked my Companion and me a guinea pig for each of us. I’ve had it before, but never an entire guinea pig to myself.  Now I know what you are all thinking. EWWWW!  Disgusting!  But, before you say that just remember if you haven’t eaten it, you don’t know if you like it yet.  Considering the fact that none of you have any idea what it’s like, I will describe it to you.  First off, Guinea Pig Is pretty dang expensive!  It costs 25 Soles for just one. Here in Peru that’s a lot of money! When you cook it, you leave every single part of the insides in. Liver, heart, intestines and all.  You place it in a frying pan with oil and grill it up. Now, normally most Guinea Pigs have hair right?  Well, let’s just say they don’t get it all off when you eat it! After it’s grilled, it’s served with rice, potatoes, or whatever else and you just dig right in.  It’s a big traditional dish here in Peru so, it’s very offensive not to eat it all of it!  I just dug right in.  Eating the legs.  All the internals and leaving all the bones, rib cage etc. too be honest, its actually pretty good…kina tastes like Chicken… but not really! Hahaha!

Anyways I just wanna close up and thank everyone for their continual support for the past 6 months! That’s right, this week on the 12th is my 6 month mark and it’s honestly been the Best 6 months of My Life.  I’ve changed so much as a person and seen so many amazing things!  I Love teaching this message each day and I know the next 18 months are going to fly by!  It definitely has NOT been easy, but the Lord has gotten me this far and I know he will help me get through the rest of it! I love you all so very much! Hasta la proxima semana!


Elder Fawcett

P.S. My Penchanista thought it was really funny that my brother had a Guinea Pig as a Pet so she took the video and the pictures!

                                                       Yes, I Did Eat the Entire Guinea Pig!!!

Yep, Those are Whiskers and Teeth!

Guinea Pig on the Inside!

Fry It Up in Oil!

Served with Rice, Corn, Potatoes and Tomatoes