Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 27 - 6 Month Mark!!!


Well, 6 months done, 18 more to go! This past week was absolutely awesome! Elder Haws and I celebrated 6 months in the mission this week and it was awesome! He and I have been together since the beginning and we’ve had lots of legit experiences! So to celebrate we burned ties. Now, considering that I live in such a poor country and a tie is something that not everyone has, I felt a little bad just burning it so to make up for it I bought 6 ties in the market that didn’t cost much and gave them to investigators, converts and members to make up for just burning the tie that someone poor could have used. We gave speeches and burned the ties and we drank the National Peruvian only soda “Inca Kola”! It was great! Now that I’ve got 25% of the mission done, I realize how far I have come and how little time I have left! The next milestone is less than 6 months from now and will signify I only have half the time left to serve the Lord 100% of the time. So, I now understand how precious each and every day is!

As I have reflected over the past 6 months, it is incredible how much personal growth I have had.  6 months ago I never would have thought that I would be able to say basically anything I want in Spanish, dream in Spanish and would have had the experiences that I have had.  There have been a lot of difficult times but the Lord has been by my side the entire time helping along as I have needed it! Aside from learning to rely on the Lord, I have really learned a lot about life.  People here in Peru don’t have near the world possession that I was blessed with back home.  In the stores, they have things like clothing that don’t sell at the DI and the people that wear it are happy with what they have.  No one judges anyone else for what they have or what they wear.  People come to church in wearing what they have and no one looks down upon them!  I wonder why that isn’t the same back home and why people there cannot be satisfied with all that they have been blessed with in life  and are always comparing and wanting the next latest and greatest thing!

Other than that, let me share a few stories from this week. So my Companion and I were out and we had a little spare time. So, we decided to knock on some doors. After knocking on probably 10 doors and having the majority slammed in our faces we came to the last door. We looked at it and immediately we saw that there was a paper taped to the door that said “We believe in Mary and Jesus, forever Catholics”. Feeling like we should knock anyways, we did so and after opening the door, they spoke to us asking what exactly we believed, explaining we were representatives of Jesus Christ, they became interested and we now have an appointment to go back. “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”.  You never know who the Lord has prepared for you to find.

Another cool story. So this past week, I was in bed unable to sleep. That was then that I got up to get a drink. When I exited the bedroom, I saw one of the Elders we live with staring out the window with tears in his eyes. It was Elder Caal, the Companion of Elder Haws. I walked over and talked to him and was able to help him out and it turns out that he had been praying for somebody to come help him. In the mission, I’ve truly learned to recognize the promptings of the Spirt. There is always going to be that one person that the Lord needs for you to help.  I’ve learned that you need to listen or else the Lord will stop sending you those promptings. So, I’ve made it a goal to try and always follow those promptings because you never know how the Lord will use you to bless the life of someone else.

One more quick thing for the week.  So, during my time here in Puno, I’ve met some really incredible people!  One such person is the Stake Patriarch.  He frequently eats at my Penchanistas and it has been really amazing to hear his stories.  He has been a convert for about 25 years now and has served ever since he was baptized.  The amazing this is his right hand has some sort of problem, so he cannot use it really.  Amazingly, that hasn’t stopped him.  He has continually served in various Church callings and now places his right hand on members and gives them their Patriarchal Blessings.  It truly is an incredible example of True Service.

Well, that’s all for this week!  Hope you all have a fantastic, safe and happy week!  Really excited to see what adventures this week hold for me!


Elder Fawcett

Not a Great Picture But Sort of
Gives you an Idea About the Packs of Dogs We Have to Deal With While Tracting!

If Only I Could Go Into Details!!!
Much Needed Mate Drink My Penchanista
Makes for My Stomach Pains,
Works Great But Tastes Like Weeds!!

Finally Completed My Sole Coin Collection

Used the Collection as a Way to Talk and Trade
Coins with Random People on the Streets!

Official Soda of Peru!
Celebration of 6 Months