Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 28 - My 6 Month Investigator

Hello Everyone!

Hope your week was fantastic for each and every single one of you! My week was absolutely terrific! I just want to start off by telling you about the great highlight of the week. So as I’ve talked about in my previous letters, we’ve been teaching a man named Jhon. As you may know, Elder Iza and I found Jhon my second week in the field. The lesson we had with him very first started out with him just wanting to learn English from me. So, we taught him English and then at the end I decided to share a little short Gospel message with him and set up another appointment. The following few lessons went about the same. Us teaching English and then sharing a short Gospel message after. As time progressed, Elder Iza wanted to just drop him, but I always felt like we shouldn’t. But after time the lessons then solely became about the Gospel and nothing more. As Elder Iza left and Elder Sarceno entered, he as well wanted to drop Jhon. Again, knowing that Jhon was progressing, just very slowly, I refused. Do not get me wrong though, Jhon was a very difficult investigator. To give you an idea, let me tell you a little bit about him. Jhon did not have any form of religion in his life before. He believed in God, but he didn’t believe in Christ at ALL! He thought that Christ was just a good person to set an example and to help contribute to the Bible and nothing more. As well, teaching him about the Church of Jesus Christ was nearly impossible without a knowledge of him. So after visits and much patience, Jhon gained a testimony for himself of the Savior and the role he plays for each and every single one of us. Once he grasped that, everything else seemed to follow. He still was incredibly difficult however, because to be honest, he asked the absolute weirdest questions. But staying patient and waiting for him to accept it all was the key to everything. Although the weird questions persisted each visit, for example he wanted to know how he could become the Prophet and other such things. We persisted and prayed each day for him. After being here in Puno Peru for nearly 6 months and teaching Jhon for nearly 6 months, this past Saturday I had the tremendous opportunity to step into the baptismal font and baptize Jhon. As I pulled him out of the water, I couldn’t help but remember the first visit we had with him when he only wanted to learn English. As I stepped out of the font, the joy and happiness I felt for not giving up on Jhon for 6 months is something that I will never forget. Jhon also asked if I would be the one to confirm him a member the following day and though I told him to have Elder Barrios do it, he insisted that I did it. As I laid my hands on his head and pronounced a very special blessing upon him and confirmed the Holy Ghost, it was incredible to see the change that he had in his countenance. Jhon has now told me that he would like to serve a mission and him being only 21 years old, he is now preparing to serve for himself.

Today for P-day, we went and visited some ruins of the Ancient Kings that used to rule over Peru and surrounding area.  It was really neat and I have included some pictures of what we saw today.

 I am so grateful to be a member of this Church and to share this Gospel with people like Jhon each day. I am just the Lord’s mouthpiece and he absolutely is the reason that Jhon had such a change of heart. I testify that the Lord can change the hearts of anyone. If he can change a man who didn’t even believe in any religion or let alone one that didn’t even believe in the Savior, to someone who is now preparing to represent him someday, He can change the heart of anyone. Never give up on someone. At first they might just want English, but later they may want something much greater!
I love you all!


Elder Fawcett

Preparing for Baptism

Elders Fawcett and Barrios with Jhon

Dany (Ward Mission Leader), Elder Fawcett, Jhon, 
Elder Barrios, Sister Missionaries, Bishop Yupanqui

Jhon and Elder Fawcett
Entering the Font

Ancient Kingdom Ruins


More Petroglyphs

More Petoglyphs

Castle Wall Stone

Carving in the Stone

One Pillar of the Old Castle

What is Left of the Castle

Been a While Since I Showed Some of My New P-Day Ties!