Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 29 - Teaching English

Hola Everyone:

Hope all is well with everything and life is good! Man another week here in the books down here in Peru, life is awesome down here for me! This past week we worked a ton! We are currently just trying to teach as much as possible in every second of everyday! 

Here are some highlights and stories for you this week!  So down here in Peru, everyone wants to learn English! So, with the Sister Missionaries we have been teaching an English class for an hour and a half each Tuesday and Thursday! I teach the class each Tuesday and one of the Sisters teaches it on Thursday! It has been really fun to teach it and see how difficult it is for people to learn a language! It took me back to the beginning of my mission as I myself struggled through the language! Learning Spanish hasn’t been easy but, the Lord has absolutely blessed me with the Gift of Tongues as I’ve worked to get better! Teaching English has also been a hilarious thing as well because a lot of the people down here have heard our music and so they will start singing a random song and then ask me to translate it into Spanish. It’s kind of fun until they start asking me to translate rap music that isn’t exactly clean…hahaha!

Anyway this week we had a special broadcast from the Church to all the Missionaries in the world! They talked about missionary work and also revealed a new flexible missionary schedule for us. As of now, President Herrera has not informed us as to how the schedule will work for us here, but he said he will institute it at the start of the new change, next Monday!

This week we also had a Multi Zone Conference with President Herrera and it was way cool! We talked about a lot of amazing things and also had interviews with President Herrera! It went way awesome for me as President Herrera told me the difference in my Spanish is night and day difference from when I first got here almost 6 month ago! He was really pleased with what my Companion and I have been doing and encouraged us to keep it up!

So, this week we were down in the meat market where they sell absolutely EVERY type of meat that you could ever imagine! They had a bunch of live sheep that they were going to kill and cut up when a dude walked over to me and asked if I could slaughter a sheep. Being in proselyting clothes and that we were busy contacting I was a little hesitant… but decided to use it as a cool opportunity to share the Gospel! Unfortunately my camera battery was dead, dang it! Let’s just say it was a good thing the guy gave me an apron to cover my white shirt! Didn’t get too much stuff on me thankfully, but I am pretty sure the lady that washes my clothes is going to be a little confused haha! We ended up mostly just help the dude carry the meat hahaha! Thankfully the guy seemed a little interested in our message haha!

Just want to end by share my testimony that the work I do here isn’t mine. It belongs to our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ! Any effort I put forth with any person down here in Peru is not in vain. Whether it’s a baptism, a seed I help plant, or just a door slammed in my face; I will do whatever I can to help in this great missionary effort!


Elder Fawcett  

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