Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 36 -Allergic Reaction


What a fantastic week it was this week! I’ve found that time keeps finding a way to speed up. First off, since I am left without a Companion this week, I spent this past week working with Elder Perry. It was sure an awesome time and I have to say that having a Gringo Companion is something I’m not quite used to. His Penchanista isn’t here so he/we didn’t have anyone cooking for us. Thankfully she gave us the money and so we spent this week cooking for ourselves. I have to say that although having a Penchanista is great and all, I would have much rather just cooked my own food. We made tacos (they don’t exist here), guacamole (it exists, but the Mexican Elders taught us the real way to make it) cheese sandwiches (don’t exists either), and foods that contain peanut butter (because I got a bunch I brought from home), and no bake cookies. You name it! We cooked so many things we both haven’t eaten for our entire missions!

Speaking of food, I haven’t really talked about the food and all the things I’ve eaten in such a long time. I’ve found that since I am in South America, I eat a TON of fruit! My favorite by far is the mango because it is just absolutely delicious. Also, I’ve realized that I Love fruit so much due to eating it so much. As well, I also have found an allergy I have that I never knew about before. Pineapple has become a fruit that I love eating down here, but this past week I ate a whole half a pineapple and then realized that my entire mouth was numb. I tried eating a bit throughout the week in small portions and large ones, but found that each time my mouth would go numb. After all these years of wondering what my allergy is, I’ve finally found out what my allergy is too. Haha! Thankfully, I’ve decided that I love pineapple too much and that I can’t stop eating it, even if I am allergic to it.

Now for a few stories of the week. Since I’m a Zone Leader, this past week I spent a bunch of time getting ready for changes and the people that are going to be changing and coming and such. Elder Perry and I also worked super hard in two of our sectors.

I have been trying to track down the investigator that randomly showed up at the church a few weeks ago now. For some reason, he just completely disappeared. He wouldn’t answer his phone or anything. But Tuesday, after my Companion, Elder Aguilar had left for Cusco, he called me. We taught him this week and I have to say that it was way good!

As well, this week we were out tracting when a guy came up to us and said, “You guys are the Mormons right?” We told him we were. So then he asked us if we thought it would be alright if we visit him. We said yes and then he asked if he could come to church and wanted to know the address and everything. People are so prepared for us!

Just to end, I want to share a funny story.  The Seventh Day Adventists Church had all of their members out in the street giving out a free book that talked about being happy. So all the members were going around hugging people and telling them they loved them and such. Well, let’s just say that they wanted to try and hug us! We had to navigate through the streets trying to avoid these people. Haha!

Before I forget, I get my new Companion tomorrow, his name is Elder Melo and he is from Columbia.  While I was in Puno, he was my Zone Leader.  He is a great missionary and I am really excited about working with him in Juliaca as well as running the Zone together.

In closing, I hope that everyone has a fantastic week! I absolutely love being a missionary and for the incredible experiences I have each day! I love our Savior and the chance I have to put his name on my chest each day!


Elder Fawcett

Top of the Mountain View of Juliaca at Night

Skyline Of Juliaca, What It Looks Like On A Nice Day!

Just Some Cool Graffiti, I Guess If You Do It, Do It Well!