Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 39 - Teaching in the "Hood" of Juliaca


What a week full of TONS of hard work! My companion and I are super exhausted due to working super hard this week. The sad thing is that we don’t exactly have P-Day today because on Friday we are having a Special P-Day with President Herrera and going to the Floating Islands following the a Multi-Zone Conference on Thursday. This week was seriously incredible because my Companion and I found several new and very good investigators. One such investigator named Darlin, we found when we were out contacting this week. We were out knocking on doors and street contacting when a guy walked past us. I felt like I should talk to him, but seeing as my Companion was about to knock on a door, I decided to not. After contacting a house without any success whatsoever, I immediately got this feeling that we needed to go back and contact the guy I had felt prompted to talk to earlier. I told Elder Melo and he said we should back track to see if we could find him. We began to literally sprint to try and find this guy! After looking for about 10 minutes without any luck, we decided we wouldn’t find him. So feeling pretty bad and like I had missed out on a prompting, I prayed and asked for forgiveness for the prompting I had not acted upon. Later that day after visiting some investigators, we saw the same guy again. This time I acted on the prompting to contact him. We are now currently teaching Darlin and as many would say, he is a golden investigator and is progressing very well.

As well this week, we were visiting an Area of our Sector that I would say is “The Hood” of Juliaca. In this area it is very poor. The streets smell like garbage and there is a feeling that is very interesting in this part of town. While we were teaching one of our investigators named Tanaya, there was a park type of area right next to her home. In this park, we saw people smoking pot, doing drugs and drunk beyond belief. As we were teaching there seemed to be so many bad things going on around us. A lot of things that go against everything we teach. As we taught this lady, I felt the Spirit very powerfully as I testified of the Truthfulness of the Restoration. As I sat there, I realized that in the world we are always going to have those moments. Moments in which those around us are doing things that are against what we believe and represent. It was in this moment that I realized the Spirit can dwell with those who are striving to represent the good, even when the bad is all around.

It has been really cool throughout my mission to watch and realize that I am changing and growing in a lot of ways. One of these ways is the type of food I like eating. At this point now, I have been eating strange foods for months now and it just doesn’t really faze me anymore. I have eaten rice for I think every meal for the past several months and to be completely honest, I always find a way to make it interesting.  Well as I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been eating a lot of octopus tentacles lately since my Penchanista owns a restaurant that serves ceviche. Well, since being in this Area, I’ve found out that a mixture of rice and octopus isn’t really bad especially when you add in a side of cow tongue or whatever other part of the animal it may be!  So basically, I have found there really isn’t any food I can’t handle eating.

The missionary life is a life so different from any other. Eating strange things, walking all day, speaking another language and living high standards isn’t exactly easy. There is a lot of missionaries who have found a lot of ways to try and change the mission rather than let the mission change them. Living such a different life each and every single day makes me realize why our Heavenly Father calls such Young People to do something so much different than what they are use too. Missionary work is not just about changing lives of others forever, it is also meant to change yourself forever.  I Love this Work and for the experiences I am Blessed to have each day. I am thankful to have the Guidance of our Heavenly Father to help me know what it is he would have me do. I love you all so much and for the chance I have to be a missionary in this time here in Juliaca Peru!

Elder Fawcett

                                                 The Street Meat Market Outside Our Church Building!!!

Elder Fawcett Sitting in Their New House

Guy on the Street Made this for Me for Only $4!

Typical Downtown Street Here in Juliaca

Another Typical Street

Ties are Really Cheap Here, ~40 Cents,
I Only Show My More Bizarre "P-Day" Ties
But I Also Have Some Really Nice Ones!