Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 38 - Translating For Doctors


Hey everyone!  Man what a very crazy week it has been for us down here in Juliaca!  On of the biggest highlights of the week was that we got to go to Cusco for a Leadership Training Meeting with President Herrera, which was a ton of fun!  As well, we had General Conference and since the Stake President and I are good friends, he was able to help set up a room where all of us Gringos could watch it in English.  Not because we don’t like or want to watch it in Spanish, but because it was really special and amazing having the chance to watch and hear the words of God’s Prophets in our own native tongue.

Now for a few quick stories of the week.  Some doctors from the United States who are LDS, came here to Juliaca this week to give a class to the Doctors in Juliaca.  The class was on the birth of babies because here in Peru, there is a huge problem with babies dying right after birth.  The night before the class, I got a call and was told by the Assistants that President Herrera wanted me and a couple of other missionaries to be there to help translate from English to Spanish because not many of the Doctors could speak Spanish.  So, me and a few other missionaries had the chance to go and translate for these Doctors.  It was really cool to be able to help teach these Peruvian Doctors by translating and seeing how grateful and thankful they were to learn.  One of the things we helped translate and teach the Doctors was what to do if a baby is born and is not breathing.  We were able to learn and teach the Peruvian Doctors how to put this mask on the face of the baby an how to slowly pump air into the lungs of the baby. It was overall a really neat and amazing experience to be able to help these Americans teach the Peruvian Doctors how to save human lives!

Throughout my time here in Juliaca, I have been working with several amazing and incredible people who are so ready to hear the message of the Restored Gospel.  As I have been able to find and teach people here in Juliaca, I have realized how ready the people are here to hear God’s word.  These people are so humble but at the same time so happy with what very little earthly possessions they have.  They all seem to say that they are missing something in their lives and we as missionaries know exactly what this is.

On other quick story form this past week occurred when my Companion, Elder Melo and I, were coming back to Juliaca after our Leadership Training Meeting in Cusco.  There was this young American couple probably like 26-27 years old who were lost!  They literally had no idea where they were.  They were trying to get a bus to travel to Puno and visit the floating islands but due to the fact that neither of them knew or could speak any Spanish, they couldn’t exactly get to there desired location.  That was when my Companion and I felt the prompting to go and help them.  We were able to help them by showing them where to go and how much to pay etc.  They were so grateful and even accepted to have the missionaries visit them back in New York when they got home.

After thinking about this experience, I realized that there was a greater and deeper meaning to this experience.  As the Lord’s Ordained Representatives, we walk the streets each day looking for those who are lost, those who need and want the Restored Gospel in their lives.  They want our help but they just don’t know where to look and find it.  I Love this Gospel and for the chance I have to look for God’s lost children every day and to be able to share his message with them.  I am so blessed to be here at this time to Proclaim His Truth.


Elder Fawcett

Teaching Supplies Brought by the American Doctors

We Help the Doctors Teach the Peruvian's
How to Get the Babies Breathing!

Elder Fawcett with the Peruvian Doctors
and Other Elders

Not Quite Sure What This One is,
Although Elder Fawcett Doesn't
Need Glasses