Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 44 - A Crazy Man With A Knife


Now I know you are all probably dying to know what happened this week based on the title of this week’s letter, so let me get right into that. So, this past Wednesday night my Companion, Elder Westbrook and I were walking to our Penchanista to eat dinner when a crazy drunk man approached us and started saying all sorts of horrible things about Mormons and missionaries. Just ignoring him, we kept walking. But unfortunately he followed with his continual yelling and insults. We began to walk faster and got some distance from him. It was then that we looked over to see him yell some horrible swear words at us as he pulled an enormous looking knife out of his pocket. It was probably like 10 inches long and as soon as we saw it, we took off to the pension’s house. Thankfully we were able to get in the house unnoticed by the crazy man. As we entered the house, we watched out the window to watch as the crazy drunk man ran past the house, knife in hand. It truly is incredible to know that our Heavenly Father really does protect his missionaries.

This past week we also got a new investigator named Hugo. Hugo has a really amazing and special story. His wife has been very sick for many years, stuck in a wheelchair. He also has a young son named Nefi which is Nephi in Spanish, coincidentally. When we asked him, he immediately accepted the Book of Mormon and has been reading it like crazy. He can’t seem to get enough of it! As we’ve taught him, he has learned a lot about the power of prayer and has been praying that our Heavenly Father will help and heal his wife. As he has been doing this, he has noticed his wife getting gradually better and seeing her healed.  We are really looking forward to helping him progress and teaching him the importance of the gospel.

This week was a ton of work, but it was seriously so fun to work in this incredible work. But definitely the highlight of the entire week was being able to Skype home and spend some time talking with my family. It’s been really fun to be here in Cusco and to meet some really amazing people as well. One such family is my Penchanista. They are really amazing people and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them.  My pension has a little boy named Jose that we always sing songs with and such. It’s really funny and fun to teach him songs in English. I’m sending home a video so that you can all hear him sing. As well, this week it was my pension’s birthday. So Elder Westbrook and I made her food from the states, which was Sloppy Joes and French fries. It was super delicious and she absolutely loved it.

As I move forward in this work, I am so grateful for all of the experiences I’m blessed with and for all of the awesome people the Lord is leading us too. I love you all and wish you all the best week!


Elder Fawcett

Insert from Mom and Dad:  It really was great talking to Elder Fawcett.  He looked Great and bore his testimony for us in Spanish and Quechua.  His Penchanista promised to take great care of him for us and she must be doing a pretty good job although he is still supper skinny, he said he about 6’ 4” and weights about 198lbs. He said all the weight is muscles in his legs from walking up and down hills all day long!

                                       Singing Songs With My Penchanistas Son Jose at Lunch

Our Penchanista, Hermana Yesenia
and the Elder She Currently Feeds

Birthday Party for Hermana Yesenia
Wall at the Back Shows All the Elder
Sisters She has Fed Through the Years!

Elder Fawcett With Hermana Yesenia's Son Jose

Welcoming New Missionaries to Cusco

Buying New Mattresses

New Mattress in the Mission Home

My New Desk Were I Spend About 30% of My Week