Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 45 - Half Formed Chicken


The weeks seem to just be going by faster and faster! This week was a super crazy busy week in the office and as well teaching. Let me first get started by saying that my week started off by hosting the big leaders meeting here in Cusco with all of the Zone Leaders from the mission. All of us office Elders gave them training and helped teach them about some things that need to improve in the mission. It was really cool but one of the coolest parts was being able to see my trainer Elder Iza again! I really learned a whole lot from him in my training and I have a lot of respect for him because he really helped and taught me so much. As well, during this leaders meeting I was also in charge of counting all of the money that was spent in each of the Zones of the mission during the past change to make sure the Zone Leaders didn’t owe the mission any money. It was honestly really crazy because I seriously had to count thousands of soles which added up to a whole ton of money in dollars.

Also, this week I also had the chance to go on Divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Bever, who is from my MTC group. We seriously had such a fun time and got a whole lot of work done as well. During our Divisions, we worked in my Sector but to be completely honest it was sort of difficult because I honestly don’t know my Sector very well since I have only been here for such a very short time. It was still really fun though and perhaps the best part is we went to a visit with one of our investigator named Juliana with her Mom and had a few members come with us to the visit. In the visit, we had a chance to teach these 2 about the Atonement. Now before I go into that, you need to understand that these 2 have been investigators for quite a while and have not been progressing much. As we taught this lesson, we each felt such a strong Spirit as we bore testimony of the reality of the Saviors Sacrifice. As we taught we noticed tears in the eyes of both the mother and the daughter, so we are hoping and feel that they will both be more open to us.

Finally, I guess I just want to share a little bit more about my life here in Cusco. So, as you may have thought, it’s so much different here compared to my previous areas. What I have noticed is that the people here seem to not be so shocked to see a white guy, which is really interesting considering that in Puno and in Juliaca the people literally drop their jaws when they see one. As well, the people here also cook a lot different. One thing I have noticed is that the food seems to taste a little better compared to other parts of the mission. But the most interesting thing of all is that here in Cusco, the elevation is a little lower, so as soon as I got here I immediately noticed it was so much easier to walk around. As well, here in the office we don’t have anyone to wash my clothes so we wash them ourselves and we also make our own breakfast because our Pension doesn’t make it for us. So lately I have been making myself a whole lot of eggs to eat for breakfast and this past week I cracked an egg and out came a mostly formed chicken which kind of ruined my desire to eat eggs for a while.

As I continue here in Cusco I am so very thankful for the opportunity I have to share the Gospel with the incredible people here. I Love this Gospel and the experiences I am blessed to have each and every day here in the mission. It certainly is not easy but it is all so very worth it each day as I share a message that can change a person’s life forever.


Elder Fawcett

Money From Leaders Conference

Seriously Like 10 Thousand Soles

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