Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 47 - Hey You Ministers!!!


Being a Missionary is the best! This week was crazy busy and full of work but keeping busy is seriously the best. First off, this week I wanted to share a cool story about this new family that I talked about last week. We had our visit with them last week and it went super well. As we entered the home of this family they began to tell us the story of their life and the problems that they have faced. They have always tried to do what was right, but it always seemed that the adversary was right behind them to cause more problems. As they shared this story with me I had to try so hard to not let myself cry. I testified to them that our Heavenly Father really does love them. That he really is aware of them, no matter how hollow they may feel. No matter the trials they have faced or the setbacks in their lives, he has always and will always be there for them. As we spoke, I felt the spirit testify to their very spirits that what we were telling them was the truth. It almost seemed as if the words didn’t come from me but directly from the spirit to them. As the visit continued the wife took a lot of interest and they both asked some perfect questions to us about life and we responded. As the visit concluded, we left them with the Lesson 1 pamphlet they both promised to read and pray about it. Tonight, Monday, we have another visit with them. So I am really excited to be able to go out and allow the spirit to work in them again.

Now for a funny story. So during the visit with the family I talked about just barely, we were served a cup of something to drink. When we were served it, the lady told us it was tea. Not knowing whether it was type of tea were are allowed to drink, which is the herbal, mate type tea, we took it. We sat there for a little while, all of us looking down in our cups and trying to figure out whether it was safe or not. Finally, we got brave enough and asked her what it was. Smiling she said that it was a mate, which is like an herbal drink that we are allowed to drink. We couldn’t help but laugh as we raised the cups and drank the cup of what we had thought was a cup of something we aren’t allowed to drink.

Something else that was kind of funny happened when we passed by our investigator named Hugo to see if we could set up a visit with him. Now before I explain what happened I need to tell you that Hugo´s wife is currently going to another church each week, but Hugo absolutely hates the religion that she believes in. He doesn’t like what they teach and absolutely hates the minister in this particular religion. So as we passed by his house to set up a visit, his son Nefi who is 6 years old came up and was like “Hey you ministers, my dad hates you guys. He never wants to see or hear you again!” Laughing we all began to laugh knowing that he was just confused with the religion with his mom and was just repeating what his dad had said about the ministers of the other church.

Also this week, we have been getting ready for the visit of Elder Christensen who is President of the seventy who will be here in the mission on Thursday to do a conference. President Herrera has given us all assignments to get ready for this big event and one such thing has been preparing a special musical number. So long story short I am singing with like 4 other missionaries in preparation for the musical number hahahaha.

Also, this week I was riding in a bus with Elder Haws when some guy got in the bus with this little music player and told us that he was gonna share his music with us. He commenced to turn on some music and started to rap. When I say rap I mean rap! This guy was super good. He literally free styled everything and rapped about problems that face our society. When he finished his 6 minute rap, Elder Haws and I were literally amazed.

In closing I just want to share that I know that God is our eternal father. He has an eternal love for each and every single of one of us that we cannot even begin to fully comprehend. He has created a perfect plan to save each and every one of us. A plan in which we choose to obey or to not. Our own salvation is our own decision. As a missionary I have come to truly understand what that means. I cannot make people accept the truths I teach them.  Not matter how much they feel the spirit or how much they feel when we teach them, in the end it is there decision fully. As I have said many times before, we are just the Lords hands to bring the world HIS truth. I love each and every one of you and want you to know that I am so proud to be a missionary in a time more special than any other. A time when we have some many ways and methods to share the gospel. As a full time missionary, I strive each day to get out in the street and work my hardest because time is so fast and I want to finish my mission knowing that I have given it my all and done all I could in my mission.


Elder Fawcett

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Elder Fawcett and Rayson

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